TL 2500

Tape layer system for the production of overlay foils/films

The TL 2500 tape layer produces overlay films with magnetic stripes or other security features. The finished product is picked up either as an endless material on spools, or dispensed in single sheets. Depending on the configuration, up to 12 tapes at the same time can be applied onto all industry-standard overlay films. During the process, the tape is applied with maximum security to the substrate, and the carrier material is removed and automatically rewound on a single spool for easy disposal.


Foil feeding


Lamination unit


Product output

Short description

Reliable tape laying production

In the tape laying process, the qualitatively valuable “laminated” magnetic stripes which are used today as a standard in the financial market, and other areas of use, are produced. The manufactured product can be processed in the following steps of the card production, for example, by the Otto Künnecke collating system line CGM.


For the production of standard overlay foils/films

  • Magnetic stripe tape
  • Overlay films/foils
  • Various security features which are applied in strip form (e.g., holographic stripes)

Foil feeding

The winding spool is brought to the unwinding station by means of a shaft. Each of the tape spools is arranged with a single unwinding unit and each spool is equipped with a brake in order to guarantee an individual unwinding tension for the highest exactness in connection with the guide rollers in front of the sealing wheels. The guiding rollers are also individually adaptable to the actual width of the tape which is to be applied.

Lamination unit

The magnetic tape is laminated with heated sealing wheels on the band. The sealing temperature is individually adjustable so as to maintain a constant application quality over the band. As soon as the adhesive tape is applied, the adhesive substrate is drawn off from the sealed tape and is led to a winding mechanism for collection and later disposal.

Product output

For the last step of the process, the band is cut into sheets with a rotary knife, whereby the band is cut “on the fly”. The single sheet is brought to an outlet table for manual withdrawal. If an automatic sorting is necessary, the machine can be equipped with an optional re-reeling device.

Special features

  • Up to 12 application heads
  • Produces up to 15 m per minute
  • Optionally up to 12 tapes applicable
  • Variable cut size for single sheets

Technical specifications

Throughputup to 15 m per minute (depending on material and output option)
Operators needed1
Footprintca. 1,7 x 2,8 x 2,4 m
Precision+/- 0,15 mm

“The TL 2500 makes it possible to have a flexible production according to your product and focus of application”

Norbert Krause, Senior Project Manager


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