Collation and Enclosure Machine for Documents and Small Products

The COLLECTA stands for highly flexible enclosure management using data-driven functions. Delivery notes, invoices, promotion material, policies and other documents as well as small items or product samples can be enclosed selectively to mail orders. Whether you would like to add personalized or non-personalized documents: The COLLECTA minimizes waste coverage and ensures error-free mailing content.

Short description

Selective and flexible

The COLLECTA combines flexible enclosure management with maximum data-security. Data-driven processes compile enclosures and add them to the products of an existing mail order. Using pre-defined parameters or information from a data-base allows for compiling a set of documents that is individually targetted at one recipient. Enclosures can be advertisement flyers or pamphlets in different formats and of various paper strengths, stapled brochures, catalogues, magazines, small promotional gifts, or product samples, as well as personalized documents; invoices, delivery notes, user manuals, assembly instructions, warranty notes, labels, return receipts, or vouchers and other documents enhancing customer binding. All these products are chosen selectively by system to make sure only relevant items are shipped to the recipient. The great advantage of the system lies within the intelligent data-management which enables a fully automatic process when compiling and adding documents or products to the shopping cart. The COLLECTA can be integrated into existing packaging or production lines or be used as a stand-alone system.


For documents and small products

  • promotion flyers/leaflets/pamphlets in various sizes and paper strengths
  • stapled brochures, catalogues, magazines
  • personalized invoices, delivery notes, etc.
  • user manuals, assembly instructions
  • warranty information
  • labels, return receipts
  • vouchers, gift cards, bonus cards
  • and other documents / small products

Possible process built

At the beginning of the enclosure process boxes or cartons are erected manually or automatically by carton erectors or by box stackers on a transport or roller conveyer to start the packagaing process. The boxes are identified via barcode or QR code reading and assigned to a certain (mail) order. Items on the mail order (e.g. clothing, jewelry, spare parts, and other items that are mailed. Before or after compiling the shopping cart items, our COLLECTA can be used to add enclosures to the shipment.

Selective Enclosures

Proces steps of carton supply and COLLECTA is clocked and initiated by a signal (e.g. sensor- or barcode-reading, light barrier, etc.). All enclosures belonging to the order are automatically compiled on a supply belt and added to the shipment. Defined parameters or data from a data-base can determine which enclosures will be added. Those can, for example, be general shipping parameters (permissible total weight of the shipment, season- or region-specific enclosres, etc.) or specific to the recipient (gender, age group, known interests based upon their order, etc.) or a combination of both. Incomplete shopping carts are identified and rejected by the system automatically. Depending on the enclosure volume, several supply belts with several feeder units can be integrated parallely.

Extended process

Mailings that require manual packaging (e.g. special products, that are not contained in the regular stock) can be separated before sending to manually add all required items. This is also possible for packages that shall be sent via express shipping.

Before handing over the package to dispatch, boxes and cartons can be automatically closed and sealed and an address label can be added. Upon request, mailings can be grouped and banded (depending on the format).

For dispatch preparation defined groups and sequences can be formed, allowing the mailings to be sorted;  e.g. by destination country, zip-code, recipient branch, express courier, etc.

Optional functions

We offer a wide range of additional functionalities that can be integrated into the COLLECTA function spectrum. These include printing of personalized or non-personalized labels or documents, folding, envelop insertion, quality control of the final mailing and other useful processing options for the added documents. Intelligent, self-developed software allows for reliable monitoring and documentation.

Special features

  • Document and product enclosures can be combined (not “only” documents, or “only” small products/samples)
  • Refilling the enclosure feeders while the system is running
  • Expandable
  • Modular function spectrum

“No more coverage waste, optimal use of package volume and flexible sorting options combined in one system – the COLLECTA will help you take your mail order business one step further.”

Daniel Preidt, Project Manager Sales


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