SC 100

Multi-purpose cutting system

The SC 100 strip cutter is used for cutting plastic sheets for the production of cards. Different settings makes it possible to divide sheets into strips or halves according to requirement, and to separate away bleed margins, etc.. The machine can also be used for the cutting of other documents like vehicle registrations.


Sheet supply


Cutting units


Product output

Short description

Exact cuts for the highest demands

According to the most modern technological demands, the SC 100 can accomplish a range of different cutting and trimming tasks in which plastic sheets must be carefully divided or their edges more exactly be cut. With the process of the production of plastic cards, this precise system ensures that the ready cut parts can be further processed within strict tolerances and can finally lead to a valuable high-quality end product.


For standard foils of card / passport production

Final products

Single or multiple, horizontally and/or vertically divided, plastic sheets

  • Sheet halves
  • Strips in the desired final format
  • Cut plastic sheets

Sheet supply

After the program has been chosen on the operator-friendly terminal, at least 800 sheets (according to thickness) are inserted and automatically transported by the system to the first cutting unit. Depending on the sheet strength, considerably more sheets can filled up. The choice of job, and the speed of the transport and of the guillotines can be selected on the touch screen.

Cutting units

Before the first cutting process in the lateral direction, the sheets are automatically transported to an alignment station which checks the exact positioning of the products by means of optical sensors. This happens with the help of the registration marks or the sheet edges. An electronic guillotine cuts the material and cut leftovers are automatically caught in a waste container. After the onward transport to the second cutting unit, a position check occurs once more by means of optical sensors. The second guillotine divides the material in the longitudinal direction afterwards. Here, also, cut leftovers are automatically collected. Depending to the application, both cutting units can carry out in each case one or several cuts.

  • Aligning station for exact positioning
  • Optical sensors for the checking of the sheet position
  • Electric guillotine in lateral edge direction
  • Integrated waste container for cutting leftovers
  • Automatic sheet transport
  • Aligning station with optical sensors
  • Cut(s) in longitudinal direction
  • Waste container for cutting leftovers

Product output

After all cutting jobs have been correctly completed, a conveyor belt transports the prepared strips, halves or cut sheets on to the final product depository.

Special features

  • Most modern transport technology
  • Robust machine design, friendly to operator
  • Ergonomic control panel

Technische Daten

ThroughputCa. 500-1.000 strips / hour, depending on the quality of the material, readability of the registration marks, number of cuts
Operators needed1
Power consumptionCa. 7 kVA
FootprintCa. 2,70 x 1,50 m
Compressed airCa. 200 Nl / min
Maximum sheet size600 x 600 mm
Sheet thicknessMin. 0,2 mm / max. 1,0 mm
Precision+/- 0,1 mm, depending on the quality of the registration marks

“Perfect preparation for the following steps in card production: the SC 100 offers precise results on the highest quality level”

Norbert Krause, Senior Project Manager


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