CGM 100

Collation system for small volumes

The CGM 100 is a manual system for gathering together (collating), and welding together, core sheets and overlay films as part of the card production. The finished set of sheets are ready for laminating after processing.


Collation table


Welding unit

Short description

Simple operation, convincing results

Our manual collating system CGM 100 is suited for small card productions. It distinguishes itself with an easy and intuitive method of operation, and it needs very little surface area. Different standard formats can be processed without considerable setting up. This makes our smallest solution from the family of the collating machines an efficient companion for your card production.


For standard core sheets and overlay foils

  • Different thicknesses and materials
  • With security features or personalization features

Final products

Welded sheet sets, ready for lamination

Collation table

Core sheets and overlay films, which can be of different thicknesses and can be made of different materials, are manually laid down on the collation table and are positioned exactly with the use of guide pins. As soon as the complete foil set is ready, the operator starts the welding process.

Welding unit

In the standard version of the system, the collated sheets sets are thermally welded together by means of two welding heads. The precise and rapid process prevents that single films move during the welding process or that they lie inexactly on top of each other. For different material thicknesses, welding temperature and welding time can easily be adapted individually. As an option, more than two welding heads can be integrated.

Technical specifications

ThroughputUp to120 sheet sets / hour (depending on the quality of the sheet material as well as the operator skill)
Operators needed1
Power consumption0,7 kVA (with 2 welding heads), 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Footprintca. 645 x 665 mm
Compressed air6 bar

“A rapid little genius, easy to operate and yet offering great performance: the CGM 100. Easy set-up allows processing of different formats and hence a flexible production.”

Tobias Pomarius, deputy production manager


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