Sorting and packaging machine for passports

With the PPS we offer a fully automatic system for the individual grouping and sorting of passports. After completed grouping, these can, for example, be banded, labelled, or be packed in shrink-wrap film.. 


Passport channel


Passport sorting


Final processing

Short description

Fully automatic and flexible

The PPS is a highly flexible system for the sorting of passports, which is individually matched to your applications. Prescribed criteria determine which groups are to be formed. According to the given demand, passports can be put together for further processing, or can be sorted and packed for mailing. Besides, a steady track and trace of the products takes place. Thus, up to 4,000 passports per hour can be processed, and all under total data supervision and recording.


For all standard passports

Final products

Sorted and grouped passports

Passport channel

In the passport channel, and after the separation of the individual passports, an extensive check is made to ensure that only readable products are supplied to the other processing steps. In operation here are sensitive sensors, cameras and other verification means which guarantee the desired security degree according to the customer’s requirements and applications. Also in this system is our intelligent DialOK Data Centre, which takes over the comparison with the database and records any faulty documents as not processed.

  • Sorting the passports individually via friction feeders
  • Automatic transfer to cam transport
  • Reading of all data carrier systems known on the market is possible (e.g., RFID, bar code, QR code)
  • Reading from above or below possible
  • Digital or optical reading via cameras OCR
  • Reading specific security features is possible (e.g., UV ink, infrared signs, phosphorescent elements)
  • Comparison of the read data with a database or with given parameters

Passport sorting

For many uses it can make sense to sort passports according to given parameters like postal code, receiver’s branch of a registration office or, for example, to the country of destination. With a manual sorting, the potential for errors is high and the processing security is comparably low. Hence, a manual sorting is often carried out with the help of the four-eye principle involving additional personnel and causing extra expenditure. However, a fully automatic sorting prevents wrong groupings, offers maximum security, and holds personnel costs down. Our system can be configured flexibly and selectively for individual sorting and grouping tasks.

  • Cyclic transport of the passports to the sorting shafts via cam transport
  • Optical field supervision for complete track and trace
  • 100% matching
  • Rejection of non-readable passports into a separate shaft
  • Piling of the passports in single sorting shafts according to info from the database
  • Variable number of sorting shafts
  • For more extensive sorting, a second run can be done

Final processing

In the last step of the processing, the sequences or groups of products which were formed can be banded. Then the formed passport piles can be provided with pre-printed labels which may have been individually personalized. Optionally sealed in shrink-wrap film, sorted to temporary storage bays, and/or be packed into cardboard boxes, the passports at the end of the workflow can now be handed over to their destiny (e.g., mailing).

  • The sorted or grouped passports are placed once more into the machine, are read and transported to the banding station
  • A maximum of 25 passports can be banded
  • By turning 5 passports at a time by 180°, homogeneous piles are generated
  • Cross-band banderoling of the respective piles by means of two banderoles
  • Application from personalized (on-demand), or pre-printed, labels on the banderole piles
  • Security elements like scratch-off labels, seals, holograms, kinegrammes or activation stickers can be applied

Integration of other modules for the post-processing possible; e.g.

  • Shrink wrap film packing
  • Insertion of the passport piles in dispatch cartons / postal boxing (incl. production of delivery notes)
  • Storage of the piles for later picking and sorting
  • and much more

Special features

  • hundred percent data recording
  • extensive quality control of the processed products
  • modular enlargement possibilities

Technical specifications

ThroughputUp to 3.000 passports/hour
Operators needed1
Stromversorgung3ϕ, 400v 50/60Hz
Compressed airMin. 8 bar, ca. 300 l/min. (free of oil and water) nach ISO 8573.1 class 2 und ISO12500

“Our PPS is the ideal system for all customers looking for maximum security during passport sorting”


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