PIN handling and mailing system

The PHS is an adaptable PIN handling system with variable specification possibilities. Whether a simple or a double PIN label, or a PIN in combination with a card, or your quite individual PIN application: the PHS is a many-faceted machine system for the processing of PIN labels and mailings.


Short description

Protected from unauthorized viewing

We offer our PHS in different specification variations in order to guarantee a safe and error-free production for every use in the field of PIN processing. In principle, the system can always be used when confidential information should be protected from unauthorised access. These use cases usually occur within postal PIN mailings, but there are also other applications where character strings are concealed with PIN labels which leave visible traces if tempered with. Flawless assignment of a PIN to its receiver or the accompanying card, completely database supported processes, and the automatic deletion of information from the database after processing, are only some features which distinguish our PIN processing system and make it especially secure.


For market standard PIN labels


End products

  •     PIN mailings
  •     Documents with information concealed by a PIN

Machine configuration

Depending on which configuration is used, different application demands can be executed with the PHS in the field of PIN handling. The offered functions and application possibilities are highly complex and can be adapted to individual requirements. In order to learn more about which complex PIN treatment processes you can achieve with the system, look at our  PIN processing possibilities.

Special features

  • Combination of PIN and card
  • Several PINs on one carrier
  • Different security levels
  • Automatic decryption management

“Our flexible PIN-handling system you have various possibilities for processing and mailing PIN documents and letters.”


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