KS 102

Semi-automatic card punch

The KS 102 is the smallest model of our series KS. The system is designed for small and middle-sized throughputs and provides for a reasonable solution for smaller card productions.


Sheet supply


Punching unit


Product output

Short description

Small card punch – big performance

Manual punch system for small and middle-sized throughputs. Individual sheets are placed manually on the collation table and are automatically aligned with printed markings in the y axis. Then each row of cards is individually aligned (x axis) and punched. Depending on the client’s requirements, the punched cards are either stacked into a removable magazine or are brought to a transport conveyor belt.


For standard card sheets/card sheet sets

Final products

Punched cards / passport inlets

Sheet supply

The sheet input occurs by hand. With the highest precision, the sheets are positioned alongside the guide pins of the y axis and then gradually adjusted alongside the x axis, and are punched out by the row.

Punching unit

The punching unit is activated by the operator by means of a foot pedal or with a switch button. Every punch row is automatically recognized to guarantee constant precision during the punching process. The system is powered by a powerful heavy-duty servo motor and can be equipped, if desired, with various sensors to recognize mixed card layouts. Waste and scrap is collected in an integrated container.

Product output

The output of the product is normally directed into card magazines. Optionally, various sorting modules can be integrated with which the user can select and carry out the desired (pre-) assortment of the cards. Thus single card rows can also be separated for a quality check. Depending on how many magazine lines are integrated, several designs can be sorted into chosen magazines by pre-selection, or automatically at output.

Special features

  • High and stable performance
  • Easily integrated sorting options
  • Choices for the rows to be punched
  • Quick start option

Technical specifications

Throughputup to 16.000 ID 1 cards / hour (depending on the material used)
Operators needed1
Power supply3ϕ, 400v 50/60Hz
FootprintCa. 3m x 1m x 1,60m
Compressed airMin. 8 bar, ca. 500 l/min.
Precision±100µ distance from registration marks

“The KS 102 is our smallest card punch solution. However, it is just as flexible as its’ ‘big brothers’ and guarantees for optimal punching results.”


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