CGM 200

Collating system for small to mid-size volumes

Whether as a backup solution or as a stand-alone system for small and middle-sized card productions: the CGM 200 is a well-thought-out system for collating, exact positioning, and welding of films and sheet sets which, after this processing, are then ready for lamination.


Collation table


Welding unit

Short description

For maximum accuracy

With the CGM 200, some basic steps on the way to the card production can be partly automated. The equipment supports the operator in the best way possible with the absolutely exact manual positioning of card sheets, and thus provides for precisely-superimposed welded-together film sets. The result: Functionality and appearance of the end product gain very clearly in quality.


For standard core sheets and overlay foils

  • Card foils made from PVC, PC, ABS, PET and others
  • Different thermoplastics
  • 48 up per set

Final products

Welded films or sheet sets, ready for lamination

Collation table

The operator puts the overlay and core films, with or without safety features or magstripe, on the co0llation table. An exact positioning is ensured thanks to three or four positioning pins the travel position of which can be fixed by individual programming. By means of a high-resolution video system with up to four cameras, the operator can exactly check the sheet positions and if necessary correct them. A halogen cold light source provides for good visibility of the fixing unit which is particularly helpful with the first layer to be processed since it is usually positioned face-down. During the whole collating process, an uninterrupted thickness measurement is carried out which tells the operator how the thickness of the film set has changed after every single application of another film. Thus mistakes can be curtailed and false collations be avoided.

  • Up to 25 sheets (according to thickness)
  • Work surface: 760 x 540 mm
  • Uninterrupted thickness check
  • Optionally: Processing of mixed sheet formats
  • 3-4 positioning pins for exact stacking of the film sheets
  • Stroke position individually programmable
  • Up to 4 high-resolution cameras for checking of markings; reproduction accuracy -100 µm
  • Halogen cold light source for good view of fixing unit

Welding unit

Up to four welding heads whose temperature lies between 50 and 450°C depending on application are used during the welding process that lasts up to 32 seconds. Staggered welding positions provide for optimum hold. A perforation code in the attached sheets can be achieved after welding by using the integrated punch.

  • Standard implementation: 2 welding heads; 4 as option
  • Welding temperature: 50 to 450°C
  • Welding time: up to 32 seconds
  • Code perforation of the attached sheets possible
  • Storage and call-up of all job data possible

Special features

  • Optional: mixed sheet formats
  • High-resolution camera system for absolute precision
  • 48 up
  • Intuitive operation, help system
  • Automatic adjustment possible
  • All processing steps can be carried out while seated

Technical specifications

“The high precision of the CGM 200 guarantees a final product of the best possible quality. The system is the ideal solution for small and mid-size card productions.”

Norbert Krause, Senior Project Manager


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