VSS Magic Cube

Storage and picking system

Intelligent picking with maximum security: the twice prize-winning VSS System fulfils all demands of the industry 4.0 and optimises production processes, storage processes and packaging processes.


Product Infeed Module


Storage Unit


Optional Enclosure Station COLLECTA


Product Outfeed Module

Short description

Secure storage & order picking: up to batch sizes of 1

Whether you are gathering products from different shopping carts and in different quantities from small to batch size 1, or you are selectively picking widely differing parts for further processing of a production order: all necessary steps of a workflow are carried through from the first reading identification up to the storage and outplacing with complete track & trace function, and with the highest precision. This allows a fully automatic picking and storage of small parts.


For small parts and bulk material in overpacks

  • Valuable small parts
  • THT Parts
  • Electronic components
  • Boxes (bulk, pre-filled)
  • Blisters
  • Carton packages
  • Medical technology products
  • Watches
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Pharmaceutical substances and medicines
  • Products with high security needs (stamps, tax banderoles, etc.)

(Main) Modules

In- and Outfeed Track

The input and output module for individual products or boxes is the connection to the conveyor systems between the storage areas or production. At this location the products are taken from the conveyors, aligned and fed into the storage system. Integrated reading systems verify the products and create data records for individual products or boxes.

Handling System

The handling system consists of a 3-axis gantry with a special gripper solution that takes over the products, stores them on the drawers and retrieves them when required. Via the handling gantry, the product gripper can be positioned at any location in the system to pick or place products

Product Gripper

The Magic Cube can be equipped with different grippers to safely pick and transport products of different geometries, as well as storage boxes. The system can be equipped with variable functions, such as turning, panning, or gripper changing. When integrating an automatic gripper change system, grippers can be changed on-the-fly according to the product to be picked during an ongoing retrieval process

Storage Drawers

A wide variety of products are stored on drawers. Their spacing, weight-support and partitioning can be configured for each drawer as required – even at a later point in machine operation. The drawers can be equipped with various inserts and grids for better storage of products.

Weighing Module

A database-supported weighing module can be integrated into the Magic Cube. This allows, for example, KLT boxes with THT components to be weighed when they are returned to the storage system. This ensures that the warehouse inventory is checked and, if necessary, corrected before it is put back into storage

Intelligent Helpers

The Magic Trolley is a pick-per-light shelf for small load carriers that can be attached to an automated guided vehicle (AGV)

Product supply

During the storage process, individual products are stock-checked by means of a bar code scanner or an alternative product recognition system, and are then continually monitored during the complete storing and placing process thanks to the uninterrupted track and trace system. The data bank assigns a place in the storage system to them and records the position for a later placing. Different parameters such as expiry dates, content sizes, rapid or slow turnovers, and the physical characteristics can be taken into consideration by the automatic storage management. Different instances of quality control regarding the received products help to recognize faulty items and to reject them.


Especially for valuable products, unique items or security-critical products, the storage in the vault module of the arrangement is a guarantor for maximum security. Heavy-duty storage drawers, high-quality transport and precision-made parts, all contribute to the undamaged storage of sensitive parts. The loading capacity, and the height, of the drawers can be freely configured according to requirements and also be extended in a modular way.

Enclosure station

Database-supported processes allow selective adding of various documents such as delivery notes or retour forms, assembly instructions, advertising flyers, address labels, invoices, etc. Pre-printed documents can be enclosed, or documents can be printed separately on-line for every placing process. By the individual addition of documents scatter losses can be minimized and outsourcing processes can be more efficiently arranged, because no manual preselection of the enclosures must take place.

Product outfeed

The innovative “Backpack Picking” technology is applied for the picking and/or placing of the products. With this method, a container (like a backpack) is carried along which collects and carries the products. This shortens transport paths and transport times. False pickings are made almost impossible because of the fully automated processing, and as a result of the dedicated software which is data-driven and developed especially for this system.

Special features

  • 100% input control of all products / automatic inventory
  • Backpack Picking technology
  • Random or predefined storage
  • Minimization of transport paths and times
  • Selective, database-supported adding of documents
  • Complete track and trace function

“Imagine the following scenario: You are a manufacturer of, say,  pump systems for around the world and ship spare parts to an oil rig. After the components have been delievered by helicopter to the platform, the crew opens the package and finds that a plug-in connection for Europe has been sent – but unfortunately the plant is located in Asia. Mis-picking can cost a lot of money, nerves, and even lives, in the case of medical supplies. To avoid this, our customers rely on our fully automatic VSS Magic Cube for safe picking.”

Carl Otto Künnecke, CEO


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