Magic Tower

Storage and Picking System for SMD Reels

The Magic Tower is a fully automatic and modularly expandable storage and picking system for SMD reels with a capacity of up to 100,000 reels. The system offers a wide range of additional modules for maximum flexibility and can be integrated into existing MES and ERP-systems to enable optimized, software-supported warehouse logistics.


MSL Rotation Module


Auto I/O


Rotation Tower


Single I/O


X-Ray Counter


Reelholder Carousel

Short Description

Maximum Flexibility and Product Safety

The Magic Tower is a fully automated, scalable, and modular storage and picking system for SMD reels, which are stored and retrieved fully automatically under gapless track and trace and with various quality controls.

The innovative system with a capacity of up to 100,000 reels ensures maximum product safety and optimizes your production. Manual interventions are minimized to reduce risks and save costs. The freely configurable system can be equipped with a wide variety of additional modules, such as MSL drying modules, connections to AGVs or X-ray equipment. Thanks to this unique and distinct flexibility, the Magic Tower can grow with your individual requirements and can also be expanded in terms of functional scope and size at any time if required – even across several floors.

The entirely database-supported storage system offers interfaces to a wide range of MES or ERP-systems and guarantees gapless track & trace for every single reel. In conjunction with the Magic Cube, almost all products and components for SMT and THT production can be stored and retrieved automatically and order-related. Hence, combined with the use of AGVs, almost all picking and transport tasks can be completely automated.

Smart Factory Reelstorage 4.0

Your Benefits

  • High storage capacity for up to 100,000 reels
  • Modularly configurable system
  • Inhouse-developed software with interfaces to various MES and ERP-systems
  • Highly flexible and efficient workflow

MSL Rotation Module

To meet all MSL requirements, a special insulation is installed in the rotating towers. Hence, the structural advantages of the rotation module are used to ensure that the moisture-sensitive components are properly re-dried and reliably stored.

Auto I/O

The auto I/O module can automatically store or retrieve up to 65 reels with different diameters and thicknesses – in the required sequence. In combination with a storage or retrieval transport module, the reels are collected and retrieved or stored according to the order. This makes for a maximum input and output capacity on the smallest possible footprint. Above the input and output point, there are cassettes for receiving and storing SMD reels of different sizes and thicknesses.

Rotation Tower

This rotation module is a specially designed and highly efficient storage location for SMD reels of any thickness and diameter. Through its rotational characteristic and the ef cient cassette layout, the highest possible storage capacity is achieved. The cassette types are configured according to requirements and can be exchanged at any time.

Single I/O

This single input and output point for individual SMD reels can store or retrieve individual reels on demand at any time. Cassettes for storing SMD reels are located above and below the input and output point.

Transfer Module | X-Ray Counter

X-Ray counters from different manufacturers can be integrated into the Magic Tower as standalone or pass-through units. By integrating the X-Ray system, counts of the components on the SMD reels can be carried out during input or output processes and at any time for inventory purposes.

Reelholder Carousel

This buffer for up to 6 reel holders with up to 60 reels each can buffer up to 360 reels total and automatically transfer them to the auto I/O module for storage in the Magic Tower or retrieval for use in production. The transfer for storage or retrieval of the reel holders can either be done manually or via AGV.

Special Features

  • Integration into existing MES or ERP-systems
  • Different heights: 2,50 m, 3,30 m, 3,80 m
  • Storage capacity of up to 100,000 reels
  • Configurable for variable reel sizes and thicknesses
  • Automatic multi storage input and retrieval points

“The Magic Tower is the ideal system for storing SMD reels. It offers a wide range of options and modules that can be integrated and retrofitted as required.”

Ronald Düe,
Senior Vice President Sales & Sales Support


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