Sorting and temporary storing system for small volumes

The Sequencer enables you to sort your products, to group them or to store them. The module can be integrated into almost every Otto Künnecke machine, or be operated as a “stand alone” machine.




Sorting / Storage


Mobile vault



Short description

Minimize errors with automated sorting

This system is a space-saving and intelligent solution for the daily routine sorting and grouping of cards and passports. With its database-controlled functions it is possible to reduce the manual work and thus to exclude the danger from mistakes caused by human error.

The Sequencer is built up in a modular way and can provide every sort of sequence, no matter whether alphabetically, numerically or any other order of your choice. Thanks to the modular nature of the system, it is possible to integrate the Sequencer into our CSS/PSS Magic Cube, CISS or CASSilo machines.

The Sequencer will make your production faster, more efficient, and also more secure. With its simple operation and high availability, it can be employed in many areas of the production and improve the production process.


For standard card types

  • Standard: ISO IEC 7813*
  • Strength: 0.18mm to 1.20mm thickness*
  • Material: PVC, cardboard, wood, metal, etc. *
  • Special shapes (MC2)
  • Punched out cards (e.g., GSM)

and standard passports

Final products

Sorted card sequences


The basic system consists of a vertically movable tower, in which 50, 100 or 200 cards or 10, 25 or 50 passports can be stored.

The number of the towers can be extended to suit your requirements: from a tower with room for 50 cards, up to several with room for 2000 cards. If the number of towers is increased, then the speed of the storage or placing is also increased, because these work in parallel.

The kind of storage can be random or can follow a defined pattern.

  • 100% quality control of all received products
  • Can be integrated in existing systems
  • Integration of a buffer star for sorting of bigger groups possible

Sorting / Storage

The sorting possibilities are varied and range from ordering a mixed group in a certain sequence, for example alphabetically or numerically. Documents have to be collected together in complete groups for delivery, or cards must be applied in a defined order onto their covering letters – all this can easily be achieved with the use of the Sequencer.

  • Defined sequences according to proscribed criteria (alphabetically, numerically, etc.)
  • Summary in groups possible
  • Arrangement for optimal mailing possible
  • High-capacity printers produce individualised covering letters in color or monochrome
  • Database-supported on-demand printing
  • Buffer for constantly cycled supply

Mobile vault

This system can furthermore be used as a mobile vault for the daily production, similar to a card kiosk, or as a storage unit in the event of a disturbance with the previous, or successive, machines.


Product output takes place when a group or a defined sequence has been created. For sorted products, a banding or label module can be integrated. Fruthermore, the system can be integrated into our mailing or packaging machines.

Special features

  • Up to 2,000 cards total volume
  • Processes cards or passports
  • 100% quality control
  • Integration into already existing systems possible

Technical specifications

Capacityup to 2.000 cards (passports upon request)
Operators needed1
Sortingalphabetical, numerical, or any other pre-defined criteria – sorting in sequences or groups
Storagechaotic or pre-defined, mobile vault option

“The Sequencer combines the advantages of an intelligen sorting system with secure storage options. Whether used as an integrated modul or stand-alone machine; it is flexible and makes your application more efficient.”

Ronald Düe, Senior Vice President Sales & Sales Support


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