Card Kiosk

Intelligent sorting, pre-sorting, grouping and storage system for cards

The new Cardkiosk is the solution for sort-ing, storing and grouping for your daily card production. A fully automatic machine which is capable of creating rainbow decks of cards in an order according to the needs of your workflow and independent of the order of the loaded cards.





Short description

Never has card sorting been this easy and reliable

The Cardkiosk is able to process personalized cards as well as non-personalized cards – depending on the integration into your workflow. The system can be customized to your needs, depending on the amount of pro-cessed cards per sorting, the necessary reading units or additional needed func-tions – which can be added by using the well-known CISS modules. A real time and money saver. And of course, a 100% reporting of exchanged cards and the responsible operator will be created.


For all standard card types

  • Standard: ISO IEC 7813*
  • Thickness: 0,18-1,2mm*
  • Other upon request

Final products

Sequences or groups of cards

Storage modules

Each storing module itself is capable of storing up to 1.400 cards and is operated by two robot arms, one for each side. Due to a special design, storing of cards will not slow down the card transport itself. Several storing modules can be connected to work as one big storage unit. The modularity of the system allows an upgrade even years after the installation, as well as a direct connection to the Otto Künnecke CASSilo mailing system to achieve an all-in-one solution. The cost-efficiency, reduced manual work to minimum and the 100% Track & Trace of each processed card is guaranteed.

  • Up to 1.400 cards per module
  • For personalized and non-personalized cards
  • Two robot arms per module for storage and retrieval of cards
  • Sorting, storing, grouping and creating rainbow decks
  • 100% Track and Trace for every processed card

Mobile Card Vault

Furthermore is it possible to use a single storing module as a stand-alone mobile vault for temporary card storing directly next to the personalization equipment in your production. In this configuration the Cardkiosk will contain only non-personalized cards, which will be loaded into the storage in the main vault. This will allow the operator to have a quick exchange of cards being damaged during personalization, without the time consuming exchange of those cards in the main vault.

Special features

  • Modularly expandable
  • 100% Track and Trace
  • To be integrated as a module or used as stand-alone unit
  • Can be used as mobile vault for temporary storage

Technical specifications

CapacityUp to 1.400 cards / module
Operators needed1
SoftwareWindows-based, interface to ERP system, SQL server

“The CardKiosk is a powerful tool and can be used in the production area for non-personalized cards or for many other applications that requite fast and reliable (pre-)sorting of cards.”

Tobias Pomarius, deputy head of production


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