Manual workstation

The „MISS“ is a manual workstation for the processing of high-security documents such as credit cards, driving licenses, personal ID cards or passports. The system has been developed specially for the dispatch of documents for small job lots or low numbers of documents, but also for further processing in connection with automatic dispatching machines, and fulfills the demands of the strictest data security.



Basic equipment


Extra equipment



Short description

Maximum data security for the manual processing of documents

This modular, manual system makes possible a 100% control of all dispatch tasks and can be used anywhere and everywhere where data security and quality of selection are necessary. This system connects all the advantages of an automatic dispatching system with the flexibility of a manual work place. The result achieves the highest security demands: absolute security through automatic printing and reading methods, data-supported processes and the simplest operation with a menu-guided graphic operating surface.

Basic equipment

  • Powerful desktop PC with customer-network connection
  • Flat screen monitor, 22 inch
  • Height-adjustable and turnable monitor holder
  • Monochrome or colour laser printer for printing reports and delivery notes
  • Label printer for address labels
  • Ergonomic, height-adjustable work desk
  • Dialok Control Center GUI
  • Dialok Data Center SQL Databank

Extra equipment


  • 3-track magnetic card reader
  • Hand scanner for 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Passport scanner for identification of MRZ numbers in passports (optional)
  • Chipcard reader (also contactless)
  • Video camera for face, signature and fingerprint verification

Printing system

  • Label print system for labels with thermodirect or thermotransfer methods


  • Label feeder for double-sided labels
  • Banderolling machine
  • Scales for weighing with database-supported selective weight determination
  • Folding and enveloping system

Special Features

  • Compact design with modular extendable possibilities
  • Error-free identification of documents (cards, cover letters, passes, invoices, etc)
  • Connectivity to higher databases
  • Comprehensive audit

Technical Specifications

“Our manual work place offers extensive possibilities for manual document controls. Using continuous comparison with the database, missing documents or faulty identifications are immediately registered and can thus be corrected. The MISS system is therefore the safest way to process documents manually.”


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