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System for sorting and checking enveloped mailings

The EISS system which is completely built up from modules, fully automatically arranges sequences, or groupings, of enveloped mailings and checks them according to pre-determined parameters or against individual entries in the database.


Envelope supply


Quality control


Final processing

Short description

Postage optimization and accuracy

Card manufacturers, as well as service providers who send high-security documents such as invoices, insurance policies, vehicle registration documents, or other papers, often rely on different courier services for their dispatch. This allows considerable cost savings in many cases. To provide optimum mailing groups of the envelopes, and at the same time to avoid false groupings, we have developed the fully automatic sorting and verification system EISS. With the EISS small job sizes of different envelopes can be counted, sorted, and put together according to selected data bank information or other parameters. The result: a perfect pre-assortment of postage-optimised envelope groups.


For standard mailing envelopes

Envelope supply

Completed, enveloped mailings are selected and supplied to the other processing stages.

Quality control

Umschläge werden identifiziert und mit der Datenbank abgeglichen. Faktoren wie Gewicht, bestimmte optische Merkmale wie Bar- oder QR-Codes werden gelesen und auf Richtigkeit geprüft. Fehlerhafte Sendungen werden ausgesteuert.

Final processing

Before the sorting on deposit belts or directly in postal boxing systems, additional optical markings can be applied with ink jet printing on the envelopes, or with labels with special mailing instructions. The sorted groups on the conveyor belts can be made more visible by using dividing stripes, batch kickers, or coloured markings.

Special features

  • Optical recognition of most different features (bar code, QR code, logos, etc.)
  • Modular construction and many extension possibilities
  • Storing on conveyor belts or automatically in postal boxes
  • Automatic labelling of the postal boxes possible
  • Fully automatic sorting and checking of the envelopes

Technical specifications

Throughputup to 8.000 envelopes / hour (depending on the application)
Operators needed1
Power supply3ϕ, 400v 50/60Hz
Temperaturs/HumidityOptimal: 20-25°C room temperature, 60 % relative humidity

“Never before has reliable sorting and inspection of envelopes been this easy: the EISS executes all steps of the workflow automatically to guarantee an optimal result.”

Diemtar Wegner, Production Manager


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