Top Manager from Russia visited Otto Künnecke

Two weeks ago we welcomed a representative delegation of the Russian economy of 45 top managers in our company in Holzminden for the purpose of an exchange of information. The meeting was initiated by the German Management Academy of Lower Saxony (DMAN) which is aiming to develop foreign markets and international branch knowledge as well as to impart professional know-how and intercultural competence.

The visitors expected an insight into an export-oriented company in order to gain new knowledge and experiences for their enterprises in Russia. Carl Otto Künnecke, manager of the Otto Künnecke Group, presented in short words the young history of his company and showed the specific characteristic of the card sector. In this branch of trade the most possible flexibility is required when dealing with the problems of the customers. An enterprise offering individual solutions is dependent on intensive communication and needs a basis of large confidence. The following company tour revealed to the Russian delegation how a German engineering enterprise is led. The enthusiasm was enormous and thus a lively discussion developed right during the inspection which culminated in an active exchange of information. A successful visit for all participants, only the ready to leave coach could finish it – the networking has been done.