Among the Top Three in Lower Saxony

Among the top 3 in Lower-Saxony

On the 7th of October, 2015, Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister, Stephan Weil, and Lower Saxony’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Olaf Lies announced the winners of the Economics Award for the mid-size and handwork sector in Hannover. Among the remaining three finalists in the handwork category: Otto Kuennecke. Our ‘Rock the Machine’ campaign seemed to have pleased the judges. The competition was meant to honour companies that put special effort into addressing, recruiting and integrating new trainees and apprentices. Each competitor had previously been nominated by a relevant chamber in the field.

All finalists were entitled “beacons of the mid-size and handwork sector” by Lies. The award for first place went to the industrial bakery Behrens-Meyer of Garrel. However, being among the best three enterprises in Lower Saxony still fills us with pride. It’s not always easy to reach potential trainees, especially in rural areas. This is one more reason for CEO Carl-Otto Kuennecke to be happy about the success of our ‘Rock the Machine’ campaign: “I am proud that once again our company has made it to the top three in Lower Saxony. Our ‘Rock the Machine’ campaign aims to show that we’re not only a successful family business but also an attractive and modern training company with innovative ideas and full of team spirit. We want to invite creative minds to conquer the future with us.”  

"Being among the top three in Lower Saxony is a great success!"

Carl Otto Kuennecke

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