The Magic Cube - The fully automatic vault, personalizing and mailing system for cards


Inspect - Store – Pick - Personalizing - Mailing


The Magic Cube is the first all-in-one automatic vault, personalizing and mailing system. From an nonpersonalized card to the finished mailing or banded card stacks, the Magic Cube will do all tasks fully automatically and is compact enough to fit in an overseas container – ideal for ID projects, small production facilities or as a backup for high production volume.

The system can be customized to your needs and can be extended by several other functions. All sections of the Magic Cube can operate separately if only one task is needed for a product. Usually the machine works as a “real inline” system.

In this application the products and the data will be passed automatically through the system. It is also possible to use the machine as a “virtual inline” system - when the single components are not connected or located in different rooms only the data will be transferred though the system, the cards will be stored in card hoppers and have to be transported manually to the next production step.

The cost-efficiency, less manual work and the 100% control of all products are the strengths of this innovation.
Hundreds of card designs can be stored in shuttles in the drawers of the vault. All types of cards can be proceeded throughout the system to be personalized and mailed.

The personalization system can be equipped with integrated inkjet or thermal printer, laser engraving with multiple heads, magstripe encoding or chip encoding modules whether it’s chip or contactless chip. Cards can be transported directly to the packaging module.

This system will become even more flexible in combination with our Sequencer which will allow you to optimize the order of the cards or create rainbowdecks as you need. Remakes of faulty cards are also possible without the encroach of an operator – and the group of cards will still be together.

With the Magic Cube we make your dreams come true!

  • Summary vault

    • Transfer of products from upstream ma-chines; manual filling possible
    • 100% quality control of all products entering the vault
    • Storage of cards like ID, credit etc.
    • Space for hundreds of card designs
    • Modular design
    • Expendable
    • Database system: SQL-Server
    • Interface to ERP-System for stock manage-ment
    • 100% secure and database-supported
    • Automatic inventory

  • Summary personalization

    • Full personalization of cards: chip, magnetic stripe, RFID
    • Laser for name and number engraving
    • Color inkjet printer for individual design of cards
    • Sorting and grouping of cards with Se-quencer possible
    • output of banded card stacks possible
    • Less manual work needed
    • Automatic remake of cards
    • Modular design
    • Expendable
    • Database system: SQL-Server
    • 100% secure and database-supported

  • Summary Mailing

    • Printing of carries from database
    • Black & white or color printer
    • Attaching cards on carriers
    • Folding of carriers
    • Number of attachments per mailing as required by the job
    • Output of finished mailings
    • Modular design
    • Expendable
    • Database system: SQL-Server
    • 100% secure and database-supported