Storage and Picking

The need for industrially-made products which are custom-assembled is constantly growing. Industry is increasingly challenged to find efficient solutions to securely manufacture an individual or personalised product. The need exists regardless of the product: precious or dangerous raw materials, sub-assemblies, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or finished products.

They are all picked and stored. Individually issued or collated into small batches, they reach the finishing or dispatch process. Secure, error-free storage is particularly important when dealing with sensitive and individualised products. Only an automated and continually monitored process can fulfil these security requirements.

Especially for such applications, we have developed an automated, modular storage system which, thanks to our software-controlled monitoring process, offers previously unavailable security.

The difference between our special storage systems and conventional systems lies in the high intelligence and security of our systems. This Know How comes from the knowledge and experience of handling high security documents which require total perfection in every process step. Now, we have found further application for new branches.