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Software solution

Otto Künnecke has built up a strong competence when it comes to software issues. All of our machines are equipped with a Windows based surface, the Dialok Control Center. The simple and operator-friendly surface enables jobs to be generated, saved and the possibility to operate the systems easily.

Whenever data has to be received and processed selectively, the Dialok Data Center comes to effect. The SQL-based database can exchange, edit, process and protocol data: here, the data serial interface can be freely configured – as a standard we use Web-Service with XML .

During printing of carrier, delivery note, invoices or labels or during personalization of data, the DIALok Print Center is applied. Here, a own internal but also external print editing software can be integrated.

In case different machines have to be combined and monitored in one final solution, the Dialok Logistic Center is the solution which links and monitors all systems.
In combination with the Dialok Archive Center, data and jobs can be edited, machines and manual work stations can be allocated and production data can be determined and monitored. The Dialok Logistic Center combines all machines, terminals and manual work stations to an intelligent network where each and every document is traced and monitored.

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