Sequencer - Sorting and grouping of cards and passports


Inspection – Sorting - Grouping – Storage

The new Sequencer module allows you to sort, group or store your products and integrate this module in nearly every machine from us or configure it as a standalone system.
This system is a compact and intelligent solution for your daily sorting and grouping of cards and passports. With its data driven functions all manual work and possible errors can be reduced.

The system is modular designed and can be adapted to every sorting applications if it is alphabetic or numeric. Due to it modular structure it is possible to integrate the Sequencer into our Magic Cube, CISS or CASSilo.

The basic tower consist of a vertical movable storage device which can store 50, 100 or 200 cards or 10, 25 or 50 passports each. The number of towers can be expanded to your needs from one with a storage of 50 cards up to multiple with a possible storage of 2000 cards.  By using multiple towers the speed of storing and withdraw will be increased by the number of towers through parallel functions. The storage method inside of one or multiple towers can be random or pre-defined.

The sorting methods and applications are multiple. If it is to sort disordered documents into an ordered sequence or sort them into alphabethic or numeric order. If documents have to be grouped completely without missing documents for delivery or multiple cards need to be attached in the right order onto a carrier – all of this can be achieved by using the sequencing module. The sequencer could be used for a movable daily vault like a card kiosk for card perso bureaus or work as a buffer to store documents when the following modules or machines are down.

The Sequencer will make your production faster, easier and more secure. Due to its simple handling and availability it can be used in several production environments and will help you to improve your production process.

  • Summary

    • For sorting, grouping and storage of cards, passports or similar products
    • Also usable of buffer for less downtime
    • Modular design
    • Connectable to many other systems
    • Tower heights and numbers are freely configurable
    • Database system: SQL-Server
    • Interface to ERP-System for stock manage-ment
    • 100% secure and database-supported
    • Reduction of manual workload
    • Windows © based

  • Goods in

    • 100% quality control of all products entering the vault
    • Connection to upstreaming machines possible
    • Integration of buffer module before for checking sequence of bigger groups

    Product storage
    • Random or pre-defined storage methodol-ogy
    • Storage direct in towers
    • Storage in multiple towers
    • Possible to integrate in existing machines

  • Goods out

    • Withdrawn when groups are complete or can be sorted to an order
    • Sorting in alphabetic or numeric order
    • Sorting of groups who need to be com-plete and in right order
    • Combined grouping and sorting
    • Integration of grouping, banding and labelling modules possible
    • Integration into mailing or packaging machines