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Passport Processing System – PPS-S

The PPS-automatic sorting machine for passports is a complete modular structured machine which can expand with the customers´needs and could be easily upgraded at any time. The sorting module can be directly connected to the PPS- verification system or be used as a stand-alone system. The machine is feeding passports with one or two conveyors. The operator can feed passports while the machine is running in order to get a continuous process without stopping of the machine. After feeding of the passport, a barcode reader is verifying the information on the backside label of the passport with the passport holder information. The information about the sorting criteria can be part of the barcode information or – by using the DIALok Data Center – coming out of the customer’s central database. With this information, the passports are transported to the sorting modules. The sorting modules are equipped with two transport belts which are transporting the passport to the adequate output magazine according to the information which was gathered from the passport label and the central database.

Automatic sorting of passports

The first module contains up to 24 passport magazines. The sorting module can be equipped with fix or removable magazines. In each of the magazines, up to 200 passports (depending on the thickness of the passport) can be stored. The sorting machine can be equipped with additional sorting modules. Each of these modules can contain up to 24 magazines. Each output magazine is equipped with a coloured light to show the operator if one bin is full. In this case, the machine will stop till the operator has cleared the magazine. If the machine is equipped with removable magazines, the operator can easily take one magazine out and put another one in. If a passport cannot be verified or any other serious error occurs, the passport will be fed into one of the two rejection boxes. The sorting machine can be equipped with the DIALok Data Center for online database connection. In this case, all necessary sorting information and all audit files are coming from the interface between central host and Data Center.

  • Performance features...

    • Up to 4000 passports per hour depending on the module
    • Up to 200 passports (depending on the thickness of the passport) can be stored
    • Each of these modules can contain up to 24 magazines and 2 reject boxes
    • Different reading units can be integrated

  • Special features with DLC-connection...

    • 100% data protocol (In- and Output)
    • Network connection via DLS
    • Database driven functions
  • Passport reading...

    • Video reading OCR
    • Barcode
    • Chip reading (contactless)

    Additional features:

    • Stand-alone or network integration
    • 100% Quality control before or after personalization