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PIN- and label processing

Due to the increasing amount of security relevant documents in connection with PIN-numbers, Otto Künnecke has developed a completely modular system for the secure packaging of PIN mailings, the PHS.

The integrated, consequent, modular structure used especially when developing the PHS-system leads to the advantage of a very flexible upgradability as well as the possibility to configure the system in different versions and security concepts – from security level 2 to security level 4.
All systems are equipped with a consistent security architecture – it starts with opaque guards which can be locked electronically up to a special software which decrypts the PIN data and processes it – all with one aim – to make the process as secure as possible.

The systems are employed in several sectors like also the ID sector and are used from banks and other organizations. Depending on the application and security concept, the following PHS-systems from Otto Künnecke are available:

Security level 2
Here, we offer a special system for processing of special Thermoseal® – paper. It is printed, folded and sealed once around by means of heat. See more details here:
PHS-TS – PIN Handling System Thermoseal®...

Furthermore, we offer you a system which processes standard laser paper with special labels. The back side of the paper is equipped with a special matrix. As soon as a label is affixed above the PIN, the PIN is no longer visible on the front- and back side and is protected. Further information can be found here:
PHS-SL – PIN Handling System Single Label...

The PHS-PS of Otto Künnecke processes special press-seal paper. Here, the PIN-number is printed on the special paper, the carrier is folded and sealed by means of press-sealing. The sealing edge is absolutely resistant to abrasion which protects the PIN-number. Please find more information here:
PHS – PS- PIN Handling System Press-Seal...

Security level 3
Here, we offer you a system where special thermoseal® paper is printed in the laser printer. The printed PIN-number is covered by a security label, the letter is folded and sealed by means of heat. An interference without visible tracks is nearly impossible! You may find more information to our high-secure system here:
PHS-TSL – PIN Handling System Thermoseal with Single label...

Security level 4
Within this security level, we offer you a system where a letter is printed in the first step and addressed with a label. In a second step, the PIN-number is printed on the label and immediately after printing, the second label is affixed above the PIN. The PIN is now no longer visible and absolute secure between the two labels.
Further information can be found here:
PHS-DL – PIN Handling System PIN with Double label...

Another system in this category is our PAS, the PAD Applicator System, for attachment of security labels. Whether a peel-off label with pre-punched perforation or a label with scratch-off is concerned – the PAS processes any label. A very important performance feature of the PAS is the processing of up to 6000 labels per hour and lane as well as the fact that multiple labels can be affixed above or besides each other on one form.
Please click here for further information:
PAS – Pad Applicator System...

You may be interested to also learn about our PHS-CCL which combines the dispatch of card and PIN in one document. Here, the PIN is covered by means of a security label in a way where manipulations become visible immediately. The card is printed on the same letter by means of double-sided adhesive tape. This means: only one document for card and PIN!
See here:
PHS-CCL – PIN Handling System Carrier/Card/Label...