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Due to the steadily growing amount of safety relevant documents in combination with PINs, Otto Künnecke has now developed a modular system for the secure and safe assembling of PIN-mailings: The PIN Handling System- PHS.
The technology is based on long time experience and development of Otto Künnecke for mailing systems as well as special systems for the card industry.
One of the advantages of the specially developed integrated modular structure of the PHS System is the modular expandability of the system as well as the possibility of assembling the system in different layouts and security levels. Depending on dispatch and delivery of the printed PIN-letters, the PIN Handling System – PHS can be designed in different expansion stages. 


With the PHS-SL, a PIN can be printed online and afterwards be covered immediately with a security label. The PHS -SL can optionally be equipped with a folding unit. The area between the printer and labelling unit of the PIN is completely secured and can not be seen at any time. The whole system is controlled, monitored and recorded by the integrated DIALok Control Software.
Depending on the requirement, labels of different sizes as well as labels with different security features can be used – e.g. scratch-off or tear-off labels.
Due to the modular structure and possibilities of integration of the PIN Handling System – PHS, not just an optimum of security but also a cost optimization for any area can be achieved.

  • Special features...

    • Highest security standard of the product
    • Highest security standard in production process – operators do not see or touch the PIN
    • Step-by-step, expandable security con-cept
    • Modular machine concept
    • Smallest construction / footprint
    • Low costs of the product
    • Convenient design
    • Different sizes of PIN form possible
    • Different paper weights are possible – also special paper quality
    • Equipped with „Easy Control“ and DIALok Control Center
    • Straight and easy document handling
    • Multiple PINS can be printed on one form

  • Data handling...

    • Integrated software concept for highest security requirements
    • Approved Windows technology based on our DIALok Data Center
    • Alternative turn-key delivery including all software components or integra-tion of existing HSM software and PIN software architecture possible
    • Approved data security concept
    • Integration into the existing environ-ment and adjustment to the data processing of the PIN letter produc-tion