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PIN Handling System - PS Economic and absolute secure transmission of confidential data

In cooperation with Co. Michael Schiffer GmbH & Co. KG, Otto Künnecke GmbH has created a new process for the secure transmission of confidential data like, for example, PINs – the PIN Handling System in combination with press-seal. In all current procedures so far, PIN letters were created step by step. The PIN is visible after printing through the operator before the envelope is closed. In many cases, though, this is not allowed due to security reasons. With the Otto Künnecke PHS – PS, this process can be carried out inline in one step in compliance with highest security standards.

PIN Handling System - PHS - PS

The whole process, starting with the printing, affixing of the labels, folding up to the sealing and – if necessary – also further inserting, is not visible for the operator of the machine. Here, the layout of the carrier as well as the PIN is printed on special press-seal paper, folded and sealed with the press-seal procedure. The press-seal paper is equipped with special adhesive strips on the verges which can be sealed by means of high pressure. The sealed verges are absolutely resistant to heat and abrasion. The PIN is therefore protected absolutely secure. Through a matrix on the rare side of the carrier, the PIN is not visible from the outside. Through a special opening mechanism, the recipient can open the letter controlled without destroying the carrier at the same time. Unauthorized opening attempts are clearly noticeable. The PHS – PS is a cost saving system. This means up to 60% less paper demand, no complex handling, no out-dated technology, considerably less effort, time and waste. Security is highest priority if it comes to handling of sensitive customer data. Our manufacturing process guarantees zero-defect operation and 100%- mail delivery.

  • Special features...

    • Sealing verges of carriers are absolutely resistant to heat and abrasion
    • Highest security standard
    • Modular machine concept, therefore easily upgradable for integration of additional security levels
    • Low production costs
    • Integration to different production chains possible
    • Printing through all current printer types
    • Fully automatic folding and sealing process
    • Absolutely secure through special sealing verges
    • Multiple paper feed impossible
    • No inserting in extra envelopes necessary
    • Individual design of carrier possible
    • Ready for mailing
    • Unauthorized opening attempts are clearly noticeable
    • Easy operation
    • Different performance steps available
  • Data processing...

    • Customer specific adjustment of data format and type of coding
    • Integration to the existing environment and adjustment to the data processing of the PIN-letter production
    • Integration of print generating of HSM-encoding technologies possible