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PIN Handling System - DL PIN-letters with double label – there is nothing more secure

Growing discussion about security requirements for the dispatch of personal documents has also made way for a new technology so far unparalleled with regards to security features in PIN distribution: Dispatch with double label manufactured with the latest product of our PHS-PIN Handling family, the PHS-DL. Thanks to this technology, a level of security in the dispatch of PINs has been obtained that has been unknown until now. With this method, the PIN is printed on a label attached to the carrier and is instantaneously covered by a second label (scratch-off label). With this double label technology, the PIN is covered in such a secure way that neither heat nor chemical influences nor mechanical load can separate the labels from each other. By using a special void security label as the top label, mechanical manipulation can be seen immediately.

PIN Handling System – PHS-DL

The PHS-DL can either be fitted with endless paper, one- or two-lane paper or with single sheet feeders. Optionally, the PIN can be printed with laser printers or inkjet technology. Depending on the printing type, the system can then be equipped with one or two labelling units. The modular construction type of the PHS-DL facilitates any stage of extension and adjusts to special processing and security requirements. Optionally, a laser printer can be linked directly to the system to generate PIN-letters. The machine is also able to attach several labels to one form. By adding HSM- software for decryption of the PINs and additional folding and inserting modules, the PHS-DL can be easily upgraded and turned into a complete packaging system. The PHS-DL sets a new benchmark and is the ideal answer to the increased security needs when PINs are generated.

  • Special features...

    • Ideal modern design of the PIN-letter thanks to modern laser technology
    • Highest security level of the PIN-letter due to sandwich technology
    • Process with highest security level – the PIN is not visible to the operator after printing
    • Modular machine concept: easy upgradeability for integration of additional security levels
    • System available with endless paper, one-up or two-up or single sheets
    • PIN can alternatively be printed with laser printer or inkjet technology
    • Different PIN-mailing sizes available (A4/A5/A6)
    • Several PINs can be printed onto one form
    • Labels can be designed individually
    • Easy document feeding and processing
    • Approved method; sturdy construction suitable for shift operation
  • Data processing...

    • Integrated software concept for highest security requirements
    • Approved Windows technology based on our DIALok Data Center
    • Alternative turn-key delivery including all software components or integration of existing HSM-software and PIN software architecture possible
    • Approved data security concept
    • Integration into the existing environment and adjustment to the data processing of the PIN-letter production