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Mailing Systems

Otto Künnecke offers special system solutions for the processing of security documents based on paper. These systems are employed if absolute process security of different documents in an envelope has to be guaranteed. Here, each document is individually verified, grouped and merged with other personalized documents. Furthermore, envelopes and enclosures can be verified by means of a video system in order to also guarantee highest possible process security. By integration of sorting elements, the envelopes can be grouped, sorted or packed in the end. Naturally, processing protocols can be created on all systems and can be combined with all data bases by means of our Dialok Data Center – for 100% track and trace. All systems are fully modular – this way we can offer the best possible solution for your current needs and once the system has been delivered, it can always be reconstructed later on.

Are you interested in a mailing system of Otto Künnecke in order to process your products more securely?

Our BIS inserting system feeds enclosures of up to 6mm strength selectively and inserts them - with up to 16 stations - and up to an envelope thickness of 12 mm.
BIS - Basic Inserting System...

Please have a look at our freely adjustable, one- or multi channel inserting system which can cut, read, fold, collect, staple, glue, insert, weigh, frank and sort forms in different formats.
MIS – Multiple Channel Inserting System...

In case you wish to optimize your outbox process, the EISS is the right system for you. The EISS inspects, verifies, prints, labels, groups and sorts your envelopes according to your requirements.
EISS – Envelope Inspection Sorting System...

If you would like to automate your production process, the personalization and the dispatch of cards on carriers or gift sheets, the CISS-CASS is the right solution for your investment decision as it personalizes cards and carriers, affixes them and is also able - upon demand - to insert or group the carriers. 
CISS-CASS – Card Inspection & Sorting System...

The ideal solution for rigid mailings:
C4 Rigid Mail