Magic Cube

AVS – the fully automatic vault system for high value products.
Inspect – store – inventory – pick

The AVS stores sensitive and high-value products from the pharmaceutical, logistics and chemicals, automotive and electronic sectors as well as from other special areas.  The principle originates from the technology of our DCS system. The DCS is designed for the fully automatic storage and retrieval of high security documents such as ID cards, passports and driving licences under their relevant security regulations. These requirements are also found in other industrial sectors. In contrast to the flat or bundled documents and cards, the AVS stores flat or three-dimensional products, folding cartons or magazines. Controlled by a database, it takes the products from the upstream module, stores them safely in the cabinet and unloads them, on request, to transfer them to the downstream module. The entire process is monitored and optimised by quality controls and inspection. Only then will the product be delivered to the finishing or packing operations. Inventory can be carried out with the click of a mouse button.

Like all Otto Künnecke modules, the AVS is built in a completely modular fashion: dimensions and capacity can be freely configured, thereby enabling installation in any available space or layout. Random storage of the most diverse products in the same drawer is possible; the system calculates the space requirements and positions the product optimally into storage. The complete logistics of storage and retrieval can be variably configured and can be modified in the field should new requirements arise.

At the heart of the AVS lies an SQL database which doesn’t just administer the product sizes but also controls all the parameters necessary for moving the products into and out of storage such as expiry date, destination and sequence. Optionally, products can be taken out of storage and delivered directly into a packaging machine or to a container for further processing. These specifications make the AVS the solution for the fully automatic and secure storage of high-value, sensitive and/or dangerous articles.

  • Overview

    • For the storage of sensitive and high-value products
    • Modular construction
    • Drawer heights and panels freely configu-rable
    • Modular drawer spacing
    • Drawers with anti-slip lining or use of special drawer
    • Weight per drawer up to 250 kilograms
    • Storage of random or pre-defined products
    • Database system: SQL-Server
    • Interface to ERP-System for stock manage-ment
    • 100% secure and database-supported
    • Automatic inventory

  • Incoming Material

    • 100% quality control of all products entering the vault
    • Grouping, banding and labelling of prod-uct groups
    • Transfer of products from upstream ma-chines or from boxes

    Product Storage

    • Random or pre-defined storage method-ology
    • Storage in shuttles or singly in drawers

  • Outgoing Material

    • Various delivery possibilities