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Production Management with the DIALok Logistic Center

All production lines from pre- to post-processing put into a network + rationalised

The development target of the DIALok Logistic Center was to reduce the time consuming productions steps during the personalising and mailing of spanned down card jobs. The result is a novel, central control of the whole value chain between the card safe and mailing output. The outcoming advantages in efficiency, transparency and depth of performance are so manifold that it is only possible to indicate some advantages in this place. Two additional hardware developments were necessary to reach the full amplitude of the DLC: The Card Inspection Sorting System (CISS, see datasheet) as well as adaptors by which magazines of other manufactures can be used directly as in-resp. output magazine with MAILok systems.

Production Management with the DIALok Logistic Center The main functions of the DLC system are the inspection, sorting, creating a protocol and controlling of data and cards – practically simultaneously with the running production process. This means that data, cards and jobs can be separated, sorted, collated to freely definable criteria at any time. The current production status of each card can be tested or amended at any time. Forms are printed in sequence of the personalising of cards and the way they are sorted in the magazine. Basic card decks with different colours can be automatically mixed together to make up a rainbow deck, which can be personalised continuously. Small job batches with identical post production specifications.
  • Characteristics...

    • Modular design, extendable
    • All production process joint into a common network
    • Permanent communication with all connected systems
    • Simultaneous access to all data, cards and jobs also of the running production via the network
    • All necessary production data (e.g. forms, enclosures, envelope) will be provided
    • Variable data will be allocated automatically
    • Sorting and conditioning criteria are freely definable
    • 100% audit protocol with exact data for each card resp. data string
  • Possibilities...

    • Identity calibration of cards and data (card body, chip, magnetic stripe,
      OCR, clear text, datamatrix, barcode)
    • Separation, collation, sorting, assigning of data, cards and jobs
    • Synchronising of process steps (e.g. personalising / online printing)
    • Current information of individual cards resp. jobs with fixed working stations can be called off
    • Methods engineering and optimising of the running processes
    • Detailed, graphic help menu for each production step / work station