The fully automatic vault for documents

Verifying- Storing – to inventory - commissioning

For the first time in our industry, the DCS-System enables a fully automatic process when it comes to all works which accumulate during the storage of documents: Should it be the automatic storage of greater amounts of documents, the inventory or the daily removal for further-processing: the DCS covers all these tasks automatically, securely and efficiently.

The DCS is constructed in a flexible and modular way and can therefore be adapted to any surroundings provided. Normally, the DCS can be found in existing vaults. Thousands of different documents can be stored in an optimum way whereas the access during removal can be carried out quickly and securely. Depending on the configuration, several millions of documents can be stored and removed securely and efficiently. No matter if you have personalized products like ID cards or passports which have been gathered together as groups and have to be stored with a banderole or blank cards in the card personalization: the DCS can be configured according to customer demand and is expandable at any time. Different modules for the storage of documents are available:  whether  cards are withdrawn directly from the card magazines or passports have to be verified and bundled: Modules from the well-known systems DISS or CISS, made by Otto Künnecke, can be assembled modularly. This does not just lead to a complete quality control but each document can be individualized by reading of the chip UID or magstripe before storage.

The documents or card shuttles are stored chaotically and optimized in the DCS. In case it is necessary, an automatic inventory of all documents stored could take place during the night. The removal of the documents takes place database-driven as a group or a so called rainbow deck. The documents can optionally be banded with a label attached or removed in magazines – if necessary  also with a personalized separation card. After removal, they can be transported to one of our packaging or personalization systems. And should one card in the personalization process no longer be useful – the DCS keeps the bad card, destroys it and issues a new one.The DCS automatizes the complete storage process – at the push of a button.

  • Overview...

    • For high secure documents like pass-ports, ID cards and bank cards
    • Width, length and height freely adjustable
    • Adjustable and configurable for any surrounding and environment
    • Can process more than 10.000 differ-ent documents and store them
    • More than 1 million documents can be stored at the same time
    • 100% secure and database-driven
    • Database-System: SQL-Server

  • Incoming Material...

    • 100% quality control off all incoming documents
    • Grouping, banding and labelling of different groups of documents
    • Storage from prior connected machines or from boxes
    • Magstripe encoding with product ID or reading of chip UID for further identification of each single card in the following process

    Storage of documents

    • Chaotic or fixed storage methods
    • Storage in shuttles or directly on drawers

  • Outgoing material...

    • Grouped with separation card and label
    • Cross banded with label
    • Rainbow decks for direct further processing in perso machines