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CISS - Scratch-Off System

With its manifold functions, the Card Inspection & Sorting System (CISS) can be also designed as a dedicated production machine for scratch cards. The necessary modules can be integrated in an existing CISS – System but can also be designed as a stand-alone-scratch-off system. The modular design of the CISS allows to integrate different modules. Standard for scratch cards is the input module, the ink-jet printing and the labelling- or hot stamp unit. The machine can be equipped with various other modules like magstripe encoding, verification units as well as different sorting and packaging modules.

CISS - Scratch-Off System

The CISS scratch-off system can grow along with the customer´s needs. Like all other CISS-systems, the machine is very easy to operate using our DIALok Data Center with a graphical user interface which can be equipped with local language. The machine is a heavy-duty, reliant machine for working in multipleshifts. Due to this reliability, the machine needs less service and works in every production environment. The withdrawal of the cards from the magazines and the transport system ensure that no scratches will appear on the surface of the card during production. The CISS scratch-off-system is an efficient, cost-effective solution for print runs ranging from just one single card up to several millions of cards. The CISS scratch-off system can use all kinds of plastic- and paper cards from 0.35 – 1 mm thickness. The CISS has a modular design which allows the system to be upgraded in range and functionality. Additional features, such as the automated destructions of defect basic card material, round up the overall performance of the CISS.

  • Performance characteristics...

    • Up to 8.000 cards per hour
    • Printing, labeling and verifying of cards
    • Labeling- or hot stamp unit available
    • More than 1 printing head can be integrated
    • Modules for different kind of card personalization available
    • Handling of cards with 0.35 – 1 mm card thickness
    • 1-n input magazines
    • 1-n output magazines
    • efficient, cost effective solution
    • Upgradeable modular design
  • Performance characteristics with DDCconnection...

    • Network connection via DDC
    • Database controlled functions
    • Card printing, labeling and verifying
    • Process criteria freely definable
  • Card verification...

    • Video reading OCR as well as character / symbol recognition
    • OCR, barcode, clear text recognition
    • Chip reading (bottom, top, contactless)
    • Magnetic stripe reading

    Additional features:

    • Personalization of magnetic stripe, chip contact or contact-less (e.g. Mifare)
    • Stand-alone or network integration
    • 100% quality control of print- and/orlabel result
    • Different packaging systems can be added like box packaging, banding and blister.