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CISS CASS Card Inspection & Sorting System

Automatic verifying, grouping and packaging of cards

While the production for the direct dispatch of cards to the end customer has been automatized almost completely, the packaging of cards to the indirect dispatch to a branch or local authority is still done manually. Therefore, Otto Künnecke has developed new modules for the Card Inspection Sorting System CISS for optimization of packaging of cards for the indirect dispatch, besides the systems for direct dispatch which are already part of the product range. During the manual production, the cards are mostly controlled by hand and grouped by means of a pre-printed delivery note. The end packaging is most of the time a foil envelope with an address label.

CISS- CASS - Card Inspection Sorting System Verifizierung, Sortierung und Verpackung

The CISS puts an end to this complex and insecure manual work process. The CISS verifies all optical and electronic data on the card and verifies it with the original data. Afterwards, the cards are grouped by branches, banded and a label with content is printed and applied to the stack. Upon requirement, the delivery note is printed, folded and combined with the card stacks. Should the mailing then be inserted into a foil envelope and a label with the address of the branch be printed, this will lead to a full optimization of the process. This enables the customer not to only save costs but also reach

  • Special features...

    • Up to 6000 cards per hour
    • Verification, counting, grouping and sorting of cards to different criteria
    • Verification of all optical and electronic data on one card; verification of the correct card body.
    • 1-n Input Magazine
    • 1-n Output Magazine
    • RFID-recognition of magazines
    • Compatibility with all moving card magazines of all traditional personalization systems
    •  Expandable, modular design

  • Special features with DLC-connection...

    • 100% data protocol (In- and Output)
    • Network connection via DLC
    • Database driven functions
    • Sorting, separation and grouping of cards
    • Card verification, reading and matching
    • Process criteria freely configurable
    • Printing of labels and delivery notes
    • Communication with the DLC and an external database
  • Card verification...

    • Video reading for verifying of numbers and texts, barcode embossed characters as well as logos
    • Verification of card body (Layout recognition)
    • Chip reading (bottom, top, contactless)
    • Magstripe reading
    • Photo signature and finger print recognition

    Additional options:

    • Selective sorting and grouping of cards
    • Banding and cross-banding
    • Label printing and attachment
    • Grouping of card packages
    • Final packaging with boxes, secure foil envelopes