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CGM 200 Sheet Collating System

The outlook for the plastic card is very good: To produce the plastic card, a layer of plastic foils are punched and laminated. If the fixing of the plastic foils is absolutely correct, functionality and appearance of the final product noticeably gain in quality. With the CGM 200, important processing steps for the production of plastic cards will be partially automated. In particular, it supports the simple but absolute precise manual positioning of the foils for the composition of the layers.

SCS 3010 Sheet Collating System

The most important tool for the operator to manage this task is a video system with up to 4 cameras. A halogen cold light source creates good visual conditions to view and set the indicators, especially for the first setting, which is usually face-down. Any kind of layer compositions can be processed, e.g. foils made of different types of plastics and all commonly used formats up to 48 cards - even mixed - by optional application of 4 welding bits. All processing steps can be carried out by the operator sitting in front of the system. As usual, he can rely on an ergonomically constructed computer operator interface. Job parameters can be saved at any time and recalled on demand.

  • Important performance features...

    • Up to 25 foils layer thickness
    • MS Windows® operated system
    • Optionally mixed foil formats
    • Processing card bodies made of PVC, PC. ABS, PET etc.
    • Layers and alignment of different plastics possible
    • Desktop 760 x 540 mm
    • 3 to 4 positioning pins, hub position can be programmed
    • 2 welding bits, optionally 4
    • Welding temperature 50 to 450°C
    • Welding period up to 32 sec.
    • Transposed welding positions
    • Measured of the thickness of the aligned foils
    • 2 video cameras, optionally 4 possible, display accuracy ~ 100 9m
    • Punch for exact filing holes of the aligned foils
    • Computer based control and setup of the system, saving and call-up of all relevant job data
    • Hierarchically constructed operator menus
    • 15” monitor, halogen light source