CASS C8000 Hybrid - maximum flexibility - high performance

The CASS C8000 HYBRID is an advancement of our standard CASS C8000. It combines high working speed with up to
8.000 cycles per hour and the flexibility to handle highly individual batches within one job. The CASS C8000 HYBRID is built up completely modular and can always be extended with several functions and modules, even after installation.


Two modes of operation are available: The standard mode features fixed card position(s) within one job; 8.000 cph is the maximum speed which is achievable. This mode is already part of each CASS C8000 and guarantees a maximum product output on a high quality level. The hybrid mode will give you all the flexibility you need to be well prepared for the future.

The machine is able to reach up to 4.000 cph with variable card positions in X and Y direction. The position of the card can be either controlled by an input-file of based on the information of a machine-readable code on the carrier. This makes the CASS C8000 HYBRID a true multi-talent.

All of our machines are built to operate 24/7 mode with minimum downtime and easy maintenance. The Windows-based DIALok operating interface allows an easy control of the machine by the operator. The CASS C8000 HYBRID is our solution for your company to be prepared for the future of the card business