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Card verification-, sorting- and packaging

Especially when it comes to the indirect branch dispatch, cards have to be sorted, grouped and packed with a delivery note. Our CISS is the ideal solution for these applications, especially in the sector ID, credit- and debit cards but also for special applications in the loyalty card sector.

Different configurations which can be adjusted precisely to the current and future customer requirements can be created due to the strictly modular design of the system. Upgrades and changes are also possible at anytime in the future which leads to investment security. The system can process up to 6000 cards per hour and is available in different methods of construction in our product portfolio.

The CISS can not only identify the personalized cards but also carry out a complete card quality control and therefore compare the magstripe, chip, highly embossed and flat printed or lasered information amongst each other and against a database – even photos, signatures, finger prints and  customer layouts can be compared – 100% quality control.

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Otto Künnecke also offers solutions for semi-automatic or manual packaging which are employed if the daily volume of the cards to be processed is rather small but also as a back-up to our fully automatic solutions. Our MISS-Manual Inspection Sorting System supports all packaging processes and can print letters, delivery notes and/or labels and monitor the packaging process. This means that mismatch or uncontrolled work processes belong to the past.

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