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Card personalization

Especially in the loyalty sector, highly embossed cards are increasingly replaced by flat printed cards. These are normally printed by DOD or thermo transfer and a magstripe is coded.

With the new CISS, Otto Künnecke has designed a modular system which is especially made for fast printing and personalization of loyalty- or transportation cards. By development of the fastest thermo print personalization procedure in the market, up to 6000 cards per hour can be personalized with one printing head – also with a saving of up to 80% of the usual printing costs. Printing quality and card design can be checked online by means of the integration of a camera system.

Furthermore, packaging- or mailing modules can be integrated - this way, the CISS can not only personalize but also affix cards to card carriers, for example for advertisements or gift cards or cards can be grouped and packed.

Would you like to learn more about our CISS for card personalization?

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