C4 Rigid Mail

With the C4 Rigid Mail you can selectively fill rigid envelopes with various documents or products and intelligently prepare them for dispatch after undergoing manifold processing options. Rigid envelopes of different materials guarantee maximum protection for your products during shipping.





In the input process personalized documents like contracts, policies and other security papers or complete card-mailings with credit cards or ID-documents can be gathered and inserted into rigid envelopes. Further personalized or non-personalized enclosures like promotion flyers, terms and conditions sheets or acknowledgement receipts can be added before insertion.

During post-processing various options are available. After attaching an address label to the envelopes, they can undergo different quality assurance controls that make sure only error-free products will be transported to the conveyer belts. These options include weight or measurement control as well cameras or sensors for optical inspection of the filled and sealed envelopes. In the last step of post-processing the envelopes can be sorted and grouped according to pre-defined characteristics like weight, postal code, branch offices, destination country or special delivery options like courier or express. Optical aids like color markings, batch kickers, or separation labels make the formed groups recognizable.

All these benefits make the C4 Rigid Mail your ideal solution for the efficient, secure and error-free shipping preparation of your products.

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