DPS  Pro

Laser Engraving Personalisation, Quality Control, Sorting

Modular multi-application system for Laser Engraving, Quality Inspection and Sorting.

A tailor made solution implemented for different customers use cases.


card transport


laser engraving


vision system


multiple stackers


data integrity


Modular multi-application system for Laser Engraving, Quality Inspection and Sorting

The DPS – PRO is a robust and industrial system with a modular design and a fast card channel (up to 3.000 cards/h).

The modularity and the flexibility allow the system to be configured in order to support multiple use cases: encoding, laser personalization, visual inspection,

quality control and sorting. The configurations are customized to meet any customer needs.

Custom solution to integrate the necessary features according to specific requirements.



  • Standard: ISO IEC 7813
  • Thickness: 0,5 – 1.2 mm
  • Material: Polycarbonate, Laser Markable PVC, metal, PET-G, PVC
  • Punched cards (e.g. GSM)

Final product

  • Laser Personalised cards
  • Sorted cards

Card transport

Extremely stable and reliable card transport with a speed up to 3.000 c/h.

  • Belt based card transport
  • Flip/over units available

Laser engraving

The machine can install different types of laser source in order to provide to our customers the flexibility to choose the laser source that better adapts to their needs. Different materials and different artwork may require different types of laser sources.

  • Air Cooled DPSS: 6, 10, 30, 40W
  • Air Cooled 20W Fiber Laser
  • Special laser sources recommended to personalise standard PVC cards.
  • ISO7816 and ISO14443 A/B Encoding options
  • Flip/over unit

Vision system

Multiple types of light sources and multiple types of Cameras can be installed according to any specific quality inspection use case.

  • 2 – 12 MPixel B/W and Colour cameras
  • Infrared, Doal, Matrix, White light, etc.
  • Lift system for radiant light

Multiple stackers

Multiple output stackers can be installed for sorting purpose. All magazines can be removed for an easy card handling.

  • Card stacker capacity: up to 500 cards
  • Support Embossed cards
  • Support punched cards (SIM)

Data integrity

The DPS-PRO can be used as a very fast and reliable personalisation quality control which can cross-check and verify the correct association of printed or embossed data with Chip Encoded data and magnetic stripe encoded data. It can be used also to assure the consistency of the data printed on an ID card and the data encoded in the chip in order to avoid any identity miss-match.

  • OCR
  • OCV
  • Contact Chip ISO7816 reading
  • Magnetic Stripe reading
  • Contactless ISO14443 A/B reading

Special features

  • Card transport speed up to 3.000 c/h
  • Modular Design
  • Tailor made
  • Multi-application

Technical data

  • 3-5 stations for each module to be customized (laser, vision, magnetic stripe, flip/over, reading, encoding or stacker)
  • Power Supply: 220/110 V AC @50/60 Hz
  • Single module dimension (HxWxD): 443x807x412 mm


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