Desktop Passport Laminators

– Unique technology for a perfect passport lamination –

A passport is one of the most important ID documents for any country to allow citizens to travel worldwide. MRTD and now biometric passports are adopted by the majority of countries.

Paper passport booklets, based on paper datapage, are still widely adopted due to the economics and the still proven security.
Paper passport datapage substrates offer the facility to add a range of further security options like holographic foils. The majority of foils are thin film-based which means coatings in the range of 1-2 microns are transferred from a carrier material onto the paper- based datapage thanks to passport laminators. With coatings, so thin, the alteration of data underneath is practically impossible without being immediately obvious.

Otto Kuennecke DPS-RAPID and DPS-RAPID Combi offer a unique technology based on flat plate lamination in a desktop machine.
This technology provides an outstanding and secure adhesion of the holographic foil, enhancing the lamination quality, the lamination process speed and the document security.
All the available types of holographic foil formats are supported by our machines.

An LCD display is used to inform operators about the machine status and also to provide an easy interface to change the machine settings in order to support different holographic foils suppliers. An industrial design of all the machine components, including the heating devices, ensures limited maintenance cost and an unrivalled TCO.


– Quick lamination
– Uniform pressure on the whole datapage
– No Damage to RIFD Chip
– Extreme adhesion
– Avoid bumpy effect


Lamination technology: Flat plate Lamination
Lamination speed: < 8 sec
Heating system: Joule heating Elements
Consumables replacement: Down time < 1 min
Maximum lamination surface Temperature: up to 200⁰C
Lamination surface material: Metal surface
Dimensions: desktop footprint
Operator friendly Process: Automatic lamination start
RIFD chip damage prevention: Only the datapage is pressed
Control Panel: LCD display with 3 buttons
Adjustable parameters: Temperature Range
Adjustable parameters: Lamination time
Adjustable parameters: Cooling time

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