The key to success

Ideas create solutions – that is our motto.
For ideas are the first step to create something big.


Our key to success is based on our social, HR and company codex, our company ethics, environmental responsibility and the following four aspects:

Fulfilling our customers’ expectations!
If you want to offer a solution, you need to listen closely in order to understand the requirements of each single customer. That is why to us, quality means the realization of our customers’ expectations and wishes based on the mutually set objective. Our customers expect us to develop and build machine systems that are tailored to the requirements of their production processes and to be a reliable service partner if needed. We will only be successful in the future, if we actively fulfill the spoken and unspoken customer expectations by applying our longstanding experience in building machine systems as well as using our creativity.

Adhering to deadlines!
Our highest priority is to meet the deadline we agreed on with our customers. This requires clear and explicit pieces of information that are understood by each employee and lead to the realization of our customers’ requests.

Creating quality together!
Our activities are governed by the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) in order to optimize all operational processes. Our employees are responsible for the quality of their work and constantly improve all processes to ensure quality, productivity and innovation. This will ultimately lead to creating products and services of highest quality.

Living quality management and meeting requirements!
We ensure quality with our quality management system. Our dOKupedia is the base of how we work. It contains all necessary guidelines, regulations and information that are needed to meet all requirements that our company faces. Every employee learns about its contents and its significance.



"Our commitment to work as a team
and the relationship to our customer is the key to our success!"

Carl Otto Künnecke
CEO/General Manager