History of the Otto Künnecke Group

On the 12th of July 1934 Locksmith Mr. Otto Künnecke senior founded a trade shop as a locksmith´s shop and installation store.
It was possible to build up a repair shop on the „Hintere Strasse 12“ after a bakery shop was torn down. On the 1st of April 1935, the first apprentice was hired who worked for the company until 1950. At the end of World War II, the residential house and the repair shop was destroyed by bombs. Cleaning-up and re-construction immediately began.

Already on the 2nd of August 1945, the roofing ceremony was held. Unfortunately, the currency reform on the 20th of June 1948 had a great negative effect on the re-construction of the company. With great effort, it was possible to expand the company and move to another location in 1956. In 1962, a second working hall was built. This location was also too small over the years and Otto Künnecke jun., who has joined the company in the meantime, built the foundation for the new construction of a production site at “Bülte”.
In 1986, Mr. Carl Otto Künnecke joined the company as a third generation. He built the foundation for the new focus of the company in the beginning of the 90s – the sector machine construction. In 1996, the first inserting system for ADAC Munich was delivered. Arising from these beginnings, a worldwide acting company with several branches and a network of more than 50 partners worldwide has grown. The machine solutions of Otto Künnecke are installed in all continents and process drivers´ licenses, ID-cards, passports, credit cards, PIN-letters and other security documents to the satisfaction of our customers.