With a fine tradition into a promising future

With the experience of three generations, family-owned Otto Künnecke GmbH has developed from a small trade shop to a worldwide acting machine-building company.

During a changeful history, Otto Künnecke has always stuck to their principles and strived for customer satisfaction. Constant adaptions to market requirements vouch for the commitment to put the customers´needs first. Otto Künnecke is still a family-owned company which combines tradition and modern spirit.

3 1st Generation:
Otto Künnecke Senior 1934 - 1970

2nd Generation:
Otto Künnecke Junior 1970 - 1985

3rd Generation:
Carl Otto Künnecke 1986 - today

"Craftsmanship and the close relationship to our customers is the key to the success of our more than 75-year company history."

Carl Otto Künnecke
CEO and owner