Julia und Julia

A strong double

Two “Julias” – nowadays, you can find two “Julias” in the reception area of Otto Künnecke – one is already a „finished” office clerk, the other is currently training to become an office clerk. Both of them do not just build a strong team due to the same name.

OK:  Julia K., you have been with Otto Künnecke for approx. ½ year now. You started your apprenticeship to become an office clerk last August. How do you like your job so far?
Julia K.: So far, I really like my job. I get to work in different sectors and my duties are really versatile. I got to know the reception area and worked for the sales department, next month I will start working for the warehouse/reception of goods and also the purchasing department. What I really like is the constant contact with customers and colleagues.

OK:   Every Monday, all of you trainees go to school. What do you like more, being in the company or at school?
Julia K:  Since I am working on an additional training to become a „European Tradeswoman“, I even go to school twice a week. On Wednesday after school, I also go to a Spanish course. I like school but to be honest, the everyday life at work is a little more exciting for me.

OK:  You just talked about the additional training to become a „European Tradeswoman“. What exactly does this training include?
Julia K:
During this training, we learn about different business processes and how to deepen foreign language skills. Part of my training is, for example, also a practical course abroad. This year, I will work in London in our sales office for 3 weeks. This will definitely be a very exciting experience.

OK:  Julia R., you have worked for Otto Künnecke a little longer. In 2011, you started your apprenticeship, in 2013 successfully finished and you were hired immediately. What kind of feeling is it now to give your knowledge to Julia K. and instruct her?
Julia R.: 
Of course, it was a small challenge for me to instruct someone right after my apprenticeship. I was quite insecure in the beginning whether I would do it all correct. But pretty soon I found out that I did not have to worry. Julia is very observant and willing to learn, I had no problems at all.

OK:  In January, you were awarded 2nd best in a contest held by the Chamber of Commerce in Hildesheim – Lower Saxony – for students learning to become an office clerk. Furthermore, you are engaged in the works council of our company. You seem to have lots of pleasure still in your job. What do you like most in your job?
Julia R.: 
I really enjoy being in contact with customers and colleagues. Since I am in contact with lots of international customers every day, I was able to improve my English skills. Furthermore, I really like the fact that my duties are versatile and that I do not just sit in front of the computer all day.

OK:  You have been with the company Otto Künnecke for a few years now. What do you like best in this company?
Julia R.:
First of all, the team spirit. We really get along well and it is fun to go to work every day. Otto Künnecke is a good size company. You know each other and it is not anonym as it is in larger companies. But it is also not a 3 men business.

OK:  How about you, Julia K.? Do you also feel to be in good hands at Otto Künnecke?
Julia K.:
Yes, definitely. I was well integrated from the first day on. Everybody really looks after another. Just like Julia R. already said, the team and the people really make a big difference.

OK:  And how do you like the „new Julia“ at the reception, Julia R.?
Julia R.:
Julia is a great support for me. Even if I am not in the office, I can fully depend on her. She really does a good job in replacing me already.

OK:  And how do you like the „experienced Julia“ as an instructor, Julia K.?
Julia K.:
I get to learn a lot from her. She is good in explaining and is always there to answer questions. A great advantage is that we really get along well. That makes working together much easier.

OK:  You seem to be a very good team sitting beside each other at the reception of Otto Künnecke besides - not just because of the same name.

"First of all, I like the team spirit at Otto Künnecke. We really get along well and it is fun to go to work every day."

Julia Rosenfeld
Office clerk