Students and Applicants

Does Otto Künnecke offer holiday jobs?
Yes, students are welcome to work with us during school holidays.

When should I apply for a Traineeship?
We are looking for training candidates from September till January for a traineeship starting 1st of August the following year.

Can I do a student internship with Otto Künnecke?
Yes, there is the possibility to complete a student- or trial internship with us anytime in the following sectors: Mechatronics Engineer, Office Clerk and IT-Specialist.

Does Otto Künnecke supervise my Bachelor or Master Degree Papers?
Yes, there is the possibility to write your Bachelor or Master Degree Papers in our company.
Please contact Olga Finch  finch@kuennecke.com - Tel. +49 5531 9300 131  with your ideas.

What kind of opportunities regarding advanced trainings does Otto Künnecke offer its employees?
We offer our employees language courses on demand, expert workshops and trainings as well as individual advanced trainings. Also specific support programs are gladly offered.

Print or online application?
We prefer online applications. Postal applications will not be returned.