Ein Interview mit Tino Risse

From training to Senior Vice President Sales and Sales Support

OK: Tino, you have started your career with Otto Künnecke already in 1997. Back then as an Office Clerk in the subsidiary in Halberstadt, East Germany. Why did you choose this kind of apprenticeship?
Tino: I was actually planning to study Industrial Economics. But the fact that I was only a theorist after the study course was not exactly what I liked. I wanted to work practically; therefore, the apprenticeship at Otto Künnecke to become an Office Clerk was exactly what I was looking for.

OK: Nearly 16 years have passed since the beginning of your work for Otto Künnecke and you are still with the company. How come? What do you like the most?
Tino: The most special for working at Otto Künnecke is the fact that it is a family owned business with long tradition. Lots of the employees have worked for the company for many years and that is what you can feel. We are a great team, it is lots of fun to work for and with this team. Furthermore, it is a very special, small market we service with interesting products. I work self dependently and receive a great amount of trust.

OK: From being an Office Clerk you first changed to the Indoor Service of the Sales department and then to working outside as a sales representative of the company. A job which means lots of travelling, all around the world, but also so far away from your family. Which was the reason for your decision to take over such a job?
Tino: Changing from inside of the office to working outside just developed. I took over more and more projects in the field and started to enjoy it. Today, it is nearly impossible for me to think about going back and just working in the office. I need the work outside in the “whole wide world”. And my family is used to it.

OK:  So it is not problem to arrange job and family together?
Tino: Yes, it works. Like I said, my family is used to me being „on the road“ a lot and most of the time only home on the weekend. I also have lots of privileges in the company. Sometimes, I come to work later on Monday in order to bring my daughters to school and I am able to work in the home office.

OK: Over the years, you have gone through and fought uncertainties, became more self-confident and very successful in working with the customers. Is it more like a routine to travel around the world, meet distributors and customers or is there also always something “new” to it?
Tino: Some of my work has become routine but of course there is also a lot „new“ in my job. Travelling is part of my daily routine but there are always new products and new customers which makes it exiting all the time.

OK: What is the best in your job?
Tino: The variety, contact to customers, different characters from different cultures, travelling, seeing things which you normally don´t see – there is so much I like about my job!

OK: To which trip do you like to think back the most? Or one you do not like to think back? There are probably some stories to tell.
Well, I like thinking back to so many different trips. I visited the Taj Mahal in India with partners, Halong Bay in Vietnam, I went jogging in Australia with a Kangaroo and what is especially nice is Russia in the winter. An experience which was not quite nice was a trip to Iran. I was arrested by the Intelligence Service at night at the Airport and asked many questions because I was carrying samples of driver´s licenses. Well, that shows that my job is never getting boring!