You are enthusiastic about engineering and maths?
You enjoy developing and implementing new ideas?
Furthermore, you have technical understanding, manual skill as well as logical and areal thinking?

In this case, an industrial and technical apprenticeship at Otto Künnecke would be exactly what you are looking for!

Mechatronics Engineer (male/female)
Whenever mechanic and electronic systems meet, the work of a Mechatronics Engineer starts. He brings life into a machine and connects the computer control system with industrial technology. At our company, you will obtain significant knowledge in three different fields: industrial mechanics, process control electronics and electrical engineering. With this knowledge, you will be able to develop and install mechatronic systems yourself. After finishing the training, some of our Mechatronics Engineers choose to become a Service Technician and travel around the world; others move towards electrical engineering or sales and distribution. The training as a Mechatronics Engineer opens the door to a number of exciting and different work fields.

IT Specialist (male/female)
This training is divided into two parts:  IT Specialist for System Administration and IT Specialist for Application Development. In both trainings, comprehensive knowledge about computer system technology is provided. The IT Specialist for Application Development is specialized in dealing with databases and their application. He creates the user surface for our machines which makes them clear and easy to operate. In contrary, the IT Specialist for System Administration is specialized in network- and service administration. In this sector, you will get in touch with exciting challenges like troubleshooting and the correction of errors in computer systems, servers and networks.

Technical Product Designer (male/female)
This is where ideas take shape. Our company slogan “ideas create solutions” comes alive firstly in our construction department. You will learn the use of advanced drawing programs and 3 D technologies. You will create, plan and develop components.  Herewith, whole assembly groups are developed in a team of Constructors and Product designers. These assembly groups can be unique and might even get registered for patent approval. This is what makes our machines successful and each employee becomes part of this success. Are you a real team player? Are you able to connect your areal imagination with enthusiasm for technology? Then you will enjoy this kind of work!

Office clerk (male/female)
You enjoy handling number as well as dealing with people?
You are flexible, enthusiastic and open-minded?
In this case, we can offer you the right training.

As an office clerk, you take over the organization and coordination of operating procedures throughout the entire company. You will get to know different departments during your training, like the purchasing department, the sales department, marketing- and the accounting department.  This way, you will obtain a good overview and will be able to take over various different tasks.
This is still not enough for you?
In this case, you can do an additional training to become a “European Tradeswoman”. You will learn about international business processes and intensify your language skills in English and other languages.

Are you interested?

Send us an email: ausbildung@kuennecke.com

„The profession of the mechanic engineer is incredibly diverse. You do not only have to know about metal, construction plans and production but also about programming.”

Nicolai Sidorenko
Service technicians

Trainee of the month april 2012