Application Procedure

Application – Print or Online
We prefer online applications. Postal applications will not be returned.

Which documents cannot be missing when applying?
Besides a covering letter and a CV, you should also enclose final certificates, training certificates and advanced training certificates.

May I also send a speculative application?
If there is no suitable job offer for you, do not hesitate to send a speculative application.

How do I find out about the current status of my application?
You would like to know more about the progress of you application? Please contact Olga Finch by email finch@kuennecke.com

What will expect me in the job interview?
First goal is to get to know each other. We would like to find out more about you! You will certainly be excited as well which professional perspective waits for you and what kind of people you will meet at Otto Künnecke. Be curious, bring your questions along.

We are looking forward to meeting you and we will try to organize the job interview as relaxing as possible for you.